de_convention (CS:GO)

View from Terrorist spawn.

Overhead view: Terrorist spawn at bottom, Counterterrorist spawn at top, bomb sites in red.

Detail behind Bomb Site B.

Long approach to B.


A Defuse map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, set in and around a convention center.

I was really getting into CS:GO, and decided to try my hand at a level.

My early layouts were wide and sprawling, more suited for deathmatch, but after some feedback I was able to prune it down. In Counter-Strike, it’s important to being able to keep the number of approaches to a site manageable, while still being open enough to keep matches from being predictable.

I used the familiar “four square” map layout common in Counter-Strike, with kinked paths for added interest.

I made sure to leave spaces over buildings open for long range grenade tosses, something I saw a lot of in strategy videos.

Completed in two weeks.

All level design, set dressing, and lighting by me. I used stock Counter-Strike: Global Offensive art assets.