dm_waystation (HL2: DM)

The lobby area of the station, serving as the main combat area, with side passages and stairways surrounding it. The powerful Combine rifle can be seen bottom center, temping players to make a risky dash out into the open.

The basement area, directly below the main waiting room. The grates in the ceiling lets players fire through it, letting people on top catch those in the basement by surprise. The powerful revolver on the floor is right next to an explosive barrel, adding a little more risk.

Another view of the waiting room.


A Half-Life 2: Deathmatch level made for the 2011 MapCore Cube competition. The only rule for the competition was that the playable area of the level had to fit entirely within 1024 by 1024 by 1024 unit cube. For scale, the player in HL2:DM is about 64 units tall.
The small space presented some interesting challenges. Vertical space was necessary to take full advantage of the space given, and inaccessible but visible rooms and hallways were added to hint at a larger world and make the space feel larger. The setting is an abandoned train station, with the waiting room serving as the central arena. A series of passages and stairways overlook the main zone. Players that prefer more claustrophobic spaces can stick to the basement, while those who like to snipe can fight their way up to the attic.

level design